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Q&A with Eva Echo

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Through knowledge, humor and authenticity, blogger, activist, drummer and spokesperson Eva Echo dedicates her creative energy to educating others and raising awareness about what it is to be transgender. In this special CC3 interview, we take a closer look at the lessons 2020 had to teach and what sparks this talent to be her own kind of beautiful.

What was your main take-away from 2020? 

We’re all so resilient. It’s all about how we choose to receive the situation we’ve been handed. If we can get through a year like 2020, then anything is possible. 

What was your proudest accomplishment from last year? 

Apart from making a chicken from a hand towel, I’d say it was pushing myself out of my comfort zone, for sure. Before the global pandemic started, I was visible but only behind words or photos. Even when on stage, I was hiding behind a drum kit!! Until last year, I was too scared to do any more, but spending most of it in national lockdown forced me to step outside of my comfort bubble and to find new ways to connect with people. 

Did you learn anything about yourself last year? 

I learned so much about my own identity — how I fit into the world and how much I knew. National lockdown gives you that time to take a step back to put everything into perspective. From this, one important lesson I learned was to put my own mental health first and to let go of people or situations that I knew I couldn’t do anything for. 

What are some goals you have or things you’d like to improve on in 2021? 

I’m really quite an awkward person, especially in front of the camera. I want to push myself more in 2021, whether it’s doing more photoshoots or video content. I don’t want to be awkward anymore!! 

How do you stay positive during tough times, especially during the pandemic? 

Allowing myself time to laugh and binge-watch Netflix. It’s super important to kick back and let go of things that require a lot of brain power. We’re still in lockdown over here in the UK, so new Netflix suggestions are definitely welcome!! 

Do you have any advice for LGBTQ+ youth? 

Be your own kind of beautiful — there’s only one of you in the world, so take up the space that’s rightfully yours and be true to yourself. If people are going to judge you (which, let’s face it, is inevitable), make sure they’re judging the authentic you. For those that aren’t out yet, don’t feel pressured to come out. You’re still valid, even if you don’t. Take your time and make sure you have support around you. If you need support, I’ll be your big sister!! 

What is something you wish someone told you when you were younger? 

That it’s ok to be different. I spent a lot of my childhood being bullied, which made me hate who I was. It’s sad to think of how much of my life was wasted on pretending or following the herd, just so I could fit in. 

Do you have any hobbies / self care activities you do in your free time? 

I’m a self-confessed workaholic but playing music was my way of relaxing. Sadly, a full drum kit isn’t the most neighborly instrument to have and an ongoing pandemic means going to the studio is off-limits!! I love watching films or animal documentaries. They give me a chance to switch off from what I do and immerse myself in something that’s (often) totally unrelated. 

Do you have any passion projects you are working on? 

I founded the @PassIt.OnCampaign to create conversation and awareness of gender-diverse topics, giving a platform to those who feel they don’t have a voice. I’ve also recently started to work on ways to amend a part of the criminal justice system in order to provide more inclusivity for gender-diverse people, which will ultimately give them more hate crime protection. 

What is some advice you’ve received or a lesson you’ve learned that influenced your outlook on life? 

That we can only change the world through patience and respect, even if those that oppose us don’t show us any. If we rush into each fight trying to shout louder than the other side, they’ll only shout louder. Nobody gets heard and nothing changes, except for our mental health taking a massive hit. 

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Skin care specialist Hyram Yarbro calls Hawaii home, where he makes the topic of skin care both educational and entertaining through video content creation. His platform, Selfless, empowers viewers to act on environmental, LGBTQ+ and other social justice issues, while proceeds from his shop, Merch with a Purpose, go to planting trees in deforestation zones. 


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CC3 Entertainment Founder Carmen Carrera is a celebrated transgender model, actress, performer and activist who gained widespread recognition for her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race. CC3 Vice President Haley Videckis is a creator, advocate and leader for the LGBTQ+ community and women’s sports. Together, they created the “I Am” AngelFace mask collection, which seeks to lift up and encourage marginalized individuals to discover their inner beauty. AngelFace features uniquely named face mask designs that tell empowering stories about the individuals behind them.

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