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Skin care specialist Hyram Yarbro calls Hawaii home, where he makes the topic of skin care both educational and entertaining through video content creation. His platform, Selfless, empowers viewers to act on environmental, LGBTQ+ and other social justice issues, while proceeds from his shop, Merch with a Purpose, go to planting trees in deforestation zones. 


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CC3 Entertainment Founder Carmen Carrera is a celebrated transgender model, actress, performer and activist who gained widespread recognition for her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race. CC3 Vice President Haley Videckis is a creator, advocate and leader for the LGBTQ+ community and women’s sports. Together, they created the “I Am” AngelFace mask collection, which seeks to lift up and encourage marginalized individuals to discover their inner beauty. AngelFace features uniquely named face mask designs that tell empowering stories about the individuals behind them.

Kira West

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Kira West is a Brooklyn-born runner, writer and entrepreneur with a passion for making wellness more inclusive. As co-founder of ACTIV-ISM, a four-week foundational program that blends fitness and anti-racism education, and creator of Made by K.West conflict-free jewelry, Kira empowers others to define wellness on their own terms and support more diversity within the wellness space.