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If a trans person tells you they’re having surgery, don’t tell them they’re ‘fine as they are’

30 December 2019

'I tried to kill myself five times as I couldn't cope with being transgender'

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Husband who transitioned to become a woman says it's made her marriage 'stronger than ever' despite fearing it would end the relationship

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Ally Berlin

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Relationship diaries: ‘Love is about hearts not parts’ says wife on accepting her partner as trans

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I Had a Stroke at 23—Now I'm a Personal Trainer

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25 October 2018

Out and About: Tadd Fujikawa

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Tadd Fujikawa Came Out, and Accidentally Made Golf History

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10 Things you missed: Stanford wins dramatic Evian Championship, Bae regains Tour card & Fujikawa becomes first male player to come out as gay

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Hawaii pro golfer Tadd Fujikawa comes out as gay on Instagram

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Ex-teen prodigy Fujikawa is 1st openly gay male golf pro

15 September 2018

Tadd Fujikawa becomes first male professional golfer to publicly come out as gay

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Male cheerleaders join 2 NFL squads amid complaints and lawsuits

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Los Angeles Rams add NFL's first ever male cheerleaders

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Meet the NFL’s First Male Cheerleaders, Quinton and Napoleon

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First-ever male cheerleaders in NFL history describe lengthy LA Rams auditions

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Tadd Fujikawa wins Hawaii State Open two months after confessing to issues with 'anxiety and depression'

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The Hottest Fitness Instructors In NYC - Ally Berlin, Current Fitness & Equinox

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Danell Leyva’s gymnastics streak ends as he pursues acting

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Carmen Carrera Has a Message for Brazil and Betsy DeVos

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Tadd Fujikawa, now 26, earns Sony Open start, looks to revive his career

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How Juliet Evancho Came Out as Transgender to Her Family, and the Entire World

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Danell Leyva Wins 1st Olympic Parallel Bars Medal for USA in 20 Years

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New York Revamps Safe Sex

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Carmen Carrera: Show Girl

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