Eva is a blogger, activist and spokesperson based in Birmingham, UK.

Eva’s journey to becoming her authentic self began after touring with The Birthday Massacre in 2016, when she took time out from writing/playing music to explore her gender identity – which led to her publicly coming out as transgender. Since then, Eva has dedicated her energy to supporting and empowering others, using her visibility, voice and platforms for trans rights, whilst educating and raising awareness for what it is to be transgender through humour and informal content. Eva also advocates for mental health and suicide awareness.

Eva is a brand ambassador for the London Transgender Clinic, founded by one of the UK’s most pioneering transgender specialist surgeons. She is an activist and trans spokesperson for the trans-led charity, Gendered Intelligence, and she also sits on the Crown Prosecution Service’s hate crime panel for England and Wales. Eva has been a Guinness World Record holder for drumming (World’s Largest Full Drum Kit Ensemble) since 2012.

Her story and work have been featured at both national and international level, with appearances in publications such as Metro, Refinery29, Boots Health & Beauty, Cosmo and iNews, in addition to appearances on ITV and being nominated for a National Diversity Award, in the positive role model (LGBT) category. Eva has been part of numerous Pride, corporate and non-profit events, which range from webinars/panel talks to running workshops and training on trans issues. Eva founded the #PassItOn campaign, which created discussion around trans and non-binary image standards, in addition to better representation of trans and non-binary body types in the media. Her message is simple: be your own kind of beautiful.